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Vince Young’s properties auctioned off to cover debt

Constables from Harris County went to ex-NFL quarterback Vince Young’s home to take an inventory of his personal properties in preparation for paying off a loan of $1.7 million, a July 25 report from NBC sports showed. The former NFL player took the loan out two years ago and was not able to pay it back.

A judge allowed Young to keep personal property worth up to $60,000, but ordered the rest to be auctioned off. A recent attempt to file a temporary restraining order to avoid inventory was also denied. Young claimed that he was duped by a financial adviser and that he did not understand what he was doing when he took out the loan.

Having your properties seized to pay off debt can be devastating. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid this, even if you have serious debts. Call the Birmingham offices of our legal team from Greenway Bankruptcy Law, LLC, at (205) 324-4000 today to talk about your options for addressing your debt.

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