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Medical bills: a huge factor for personal bankruptcy

Millions of Americans are expected to file for bankruptcy this year due to expensive medical bills, a new data analysis reports.

According to the data gathered by NerdWallet Health, skyrocketing health expenses cause many people to file bankruptcy. In fact, Vice president for NerdWallet Health, Christina LaMontagne, said some 25 million people control medical costs by avoiding medications, which could result in a person facing more expensive medical bills.

Many Americans may think they went bankrupt because of unmanaged credit card or mortgage debts, but medical bills may also be the cause, LaMontagne also said.

Having expensive medical bills that you cannot afford can be overwhelming and stressful. If you have unmanageable medical debt and live in Birmingham, contact the legal team at Greenway Bankruptcy Law, LLC, at (205) 324-4000 to find out on how we can help you deal with this mounting debt.

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