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Bankruptcy filed by Dewey & LeBoeuf

Dewey & LeBoeuf was formed in 2007 when a merger between two prominent law firms took place. This law firm had 26 offices all over the world, and roughly 2,500 employees.

Last week, the law firm filed the necessary documents in order to apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The firm is currently undergoing a liquidation process, and has laid off hundreds of employees and shut down several offices around the world.

The firm listed more than $225 million in debt, and has started downsizing in order to decrease the large amount of debt. Dewey & LeBoeuf financially advised the Los Angeles Dodgers in their restructuring process.

It is important to understand your options when dealing with bankruptcy protection. If you have questions regarding filing for bankruptcy, please contact the bankruptcy lawyers of Greenway Bankruptcy Law, LLC by calling (205) 324-4000 today.

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